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Guide to Canoe Stabilizers or Canoe Outriggers

One of the things you learn while canoeing is how to tip over properly so that you don't drown.  However, capsizing is not an option if you are carrying important equipment with you. If you don't want your canoe to capsize, then you will need an outrigger to stabilize it.


An outrigger canoe is a canoe that contains one or more lateral support floats called outriggers. They are fastened to the side of the canoe. There are some benefits of having stabilizers or outriggers to your canoe. Outrigger canoes are able to move faster than other canoes. There are outrigger canoes that and seat six people. All six are important when it comes to the movement of the boat. Since an outrigger is a canoe stabilizer, having on increases stability and you don't face the danger of capsizing when the water is rough.


Outrigger canoes are unique types of canoes. Even their paddling technique is different from other boats that are not powered by motor. Their paddle is not the same as the kayak or rowing paddles that have two sides. Outrigger paddles are single-sided. It has either a straight or a double bend shaft. Since the paddle is not two sided, it is important for the paddler to alternate side so that stamina and stability are maintained.


If you have a canoe outrigger, you can transform your canoe into a stable, untippable platform. You can then do whatever you like on this platform. You can attach airfoil sails to it. You can also use it as a platform for fishing, swimming, snorkeling, sunbathing, etc. This canoe platform gives you much security especially during long crossing which takes you miles from the shore. If you encounter surprising squalls in the open water or rid tides froth at your boat, you can still feel secure that your canoe will not capsize.


There are many types of canoe stabilizer or outriggers to choose from. There are single pole versions which are a popular stabilizer for any canoe or kayak. The outrigger arm attaches to the canoe behind the bow seat. This single pole is made of wood. Single pole stabilizers are easy to install.


There are also those 10 foot outriggers that provide hundreds of pounds of buoyancy. They are very excellent in providing stability for your act ivies like fishing, swimming or for sport failing with airfoil sails. This type of outrigger requires factory installation.


There are also 12.5 foot outriggers that provide more bounds of buoyancy than the one above. This is a very popular outrigger especially for family use. You can attach it to your canoe, and you can even add a rigid platform to it which serves as a rig for scuba diving, snorkeling and sunbathing. If you want to carry a companion on the rigid platform then this outrigger is for you.